New Life Center Zambia - A ministry of the United Methodist Church

The New Life Center, in partnership with Goodwill Community Foundation (GCF) Global Learning offers free computer lessons through the Internet, as well as affordable quality classes at the New Life Center (NLC). It opens the doors to the world by providing skills needed to find employment in a computer based environment.

GCF ( is based in North Carolina, U.S.A. Established in 1902, it has been committed to providing an environment for people to improve the quality of their lives through employment and offering learning opportunities with a focus on people with disabilities. GCF had a big training center with cutting-edge computer labs at the Raleigh Training Center (U.S.A.). Although the training facility has dissolved, they are continuing to provide Internet training programs (The GCF Global Learning). These on-line computer lessons are absolutely free and open to everyone. Membership is free and a certificate is issued at the completion of each module.

GCF On-line classes are also offered from the NLC lab which has 24 hour Internet Connection.

Regular computer classes are also offered at the NLC from Monday to Thursday. A small fee applies to help with the upkeep of the computer labs. Students mainly attend the 4 hour morning class. Afternoon and evening classes are also available if there are enough students interested in attending.


The training covers the following courses:

  • Initiation to Computers (Click to see the course description)
  • Introduction to the Internet & E-mail basics
  • Word Processor: MS Word 2000
  • Spreadsheet: MS Excel 2000
  • Database: MS Access 2000
  • Presentation: MS Power Point 2000
  • MS Works
  • Introduction to Programming
  • Computer Assisted Design & Drawing (Auto CAD)

Similar programs or versions can also be taught on demand.

A detailed syllabus for each of these courses is available.

Considerable efforts are made to regularly update the content of the syllabuses. Special attention is given to the practical aspect: we make sure that students are given enough time to practice their lessons.


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