New Life Center Zambia - A ministry of the United Methodist Church
Youth Empowerment & Discipleship Ministry
Rev. Charles & Barbra Mulemena

Rev. Charles & Barbra Mulemena

The New Life Youth Empowerment & Discipleship Ministry (NLYEDM) is a Christian ministry for the young people throughout Zambia and Sub-Sahara Africa. It was founded in April 2007 by Rev. Charles & Barbra Mulemena. This is a ministry located at the New Life Center, Garneton/ Itimpi. Just outside of Kitwe in the CopperBelt.


The NLYEDM was founded with the mission to “Reviving, Discipling, Empowering and provoking young people for effective missions in Africa, and Zambia in particular.”

As a ministry, we also recognize the need to address the vices of poverty, corruption and HIV/AIDS among the younger generation.

We therefore have a great task to prayerfully and faithfully raise a Christ centered, visionary and purpose-driven generation that redefines life in a more biblical and holistic way.


  • To introduce the young people to the saving knowledge of our LORD and Savior JESUS CHRIST.
  • To deeply provide biblical teachings that establishes a person in true Christianity and be rooted in God’s principles-Discipleship.
  • Raise a visionary, focused, determined and responsible generation of young people in Africa.
  • To provide educational support and training in order to encourage self-reliance and economic independence among the young people.
  • To sensitize and provoke young men and women for missions as being obedient to the Great commission of our Lord Jesus Christ.
  • To provide a platform for the Christian youth to know the challenges that the church in Africa is facing and encourage them to raise these challenges to God in prayer.


(A). DISCIPLESHIP AND MISSIONS As a Christian organization, we endeavor to make sure that the young people within the church are well established in God’s ways and that they really know what they believe in as Evangelical Doctrine, why they believe in what they believe, and even be ready to die for their faith in the Living God.

  • We organize retreats for prayers and biblical teachings.
  • We hold youth camps and seminars for spiritual formation and leadership training.
  • We hold youth conventions each year.
  • We conduct Open Talks on HIV/AIDS and provide teaching on this subject among the young people.
  • We organize and conduct outreaches for missions and exchange visits among the youth within our reach.

(B). EMPOWERMENT AND TRAINING Knowing the need for the young people and the challenges that Africa is facing, we realize that there is need for God’s Word to be ministered in a more holistic way. Therefore, this simply means that if the Gospel of Christ is to be effective among the young people in Africa, it has to be ministered to the whole person of an individual; spiritually, mentally, emotionally, socially, etc.

  • We provide seminars for sustainable development and responsibility.
  • We connect our young people to other youth organizations that offer any fruitful training and educational support.
  • We motivate the young people to treasure education in their various capacities.


At the moment our urgent needs include the following:

  • Christian youth literature for ages 12-35 years, including Bibles.
  • A bigger piece of land which can enable us to establish a youth center for our various activities, which includes; hostels, hall, skills-training project, school of ministry, office, etc.
  • We also face great financial challenges for we currently do not have a well established financial source.


The NLYEDM is a ministry located at New Life Training Center of the United Methodist Church, which makes it a ministry within a ministry, and works under the umbrella of the United Methodist Church.

Our vision and plan is to see the NLYEDM being the channel of revival among the young people in the church in Africa and beyond the boundaries of Africa.

  • To provoke the church for missions and a great awakening and a spiritual renewal.
  • To have our own youth center that will allow as many young people from across Africa to come and be part of what God is doing here in Zambia.
  • To see a well established school of ministry for the young people and a generation that is hungry for JESUS.
  • To see the NLYEDM being part of the bigger picture in world evangelism.


Why should you be left out if there is something you can do? You can be part of God’s bigger picture and get your own blessing by doing what God wants you to do in this generation of power that God is raising.

Therefore, you can be part of this by being any of the following in NLYEDM:

  1. A Member
  2. A Prayer partner
  3. A Financial partner and/or
  4. Partner in any way

Therefore, we believe your support in any of the stated capacities will take us a very long way in accomplishment of our mission as NLYEDM. You can help restore hope and mend hearts of so many lives among our African youth.

Thank you! You can contact us on the following address:

New Life Center
Youth Empowerment & Discipleship Ministry
P.O.Box 20219 • Kitwe, Zambia
Mobile: 260-977-592536 or 260-979-562040

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