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HSE - July 2006


I sent this report/ update to Rev. Lorenz and a few other pastors and because of their response God just told me to send it to everyone. I hope it bring a blessing to your day. My personal spellchecker, Sandy, is out in the village today so I hope you’ll forgive any run-on, incomplete, or poorly spelt words.....

I just want to drop a note with a few pictures.. Friday & Saturday we had our first “Pastor Meeting” since the HSE (Holy Spirit Encounter). This was a result from God talking to me (and Jean) about keeping closer contact with what God is doing in each church throughout the district. We now have fourteen congregations in the NKANA district. I gave each pastor time to share what has happen to their ministry or personal life since the HSE. Some of the testimonies were incredible. I’ll recap below. Take time to read them.....

The other thing we did was gave each of the pastor a complete pastoral library (all new books) that was sent over by Rev. Lorenz (the evangelist that has come for the last five year to hold the HSE and crusades) in the container that arrived in April. We added a number of other books that was sent in the container from other church as well. Books are very important. You should have seen their faces. Along with the books, Jean went through the container and made up a box of shoes and bags of cloths for each pastor. This is all the items you sent from the “wish list” last year! They were calling him “Father Christmas”. All that did was made him smile bigger. He got the biggest blessing out of giving all that stuff out. I got a real blessing just watching him be blessed. What a day!!

Prayer request-------

Oct. 22nd the Bishop Katembo is coming to dedicate all the new church that’s been built and started in the district. He will be also ordaining all the new pastors that have graduated from Kafakumba Pastor School and Trans Africa Theological. Bishop will be ordaining and me (Delbert) as well. We have been talking about this for years. He said, I shouldn’t put this off any longer and that this was the best time. I will be the first MAZUNGU (White man) ordain in the United Methodist Church in Zambia, Africa. Please keep that date in prayer.

Also, God is talking to Jean about starting a prison ministry (Rev. Jean Kalonga is our Bishop Katembo, of the Southern D.R.Congo UMC Conference, personal assistance for Zambia and our DS). The two of us will be going to KABWE soon (about 200K from here) to find out all that’s needed from the governments side of things. It’s wonderful to see the burden on Jean’s heart for the lost and captive. Most prisoners will die there if they don’t have someone come each week to bring food, meds. and bedding. I know as we get more involved with this ministry God is going to move in a very special way and the testimonies are going to be heart touching. Please start praying now...

Pastors testimonies------

Now, I have recapped about eight testimonies I would like you to hear. I sure wish you could have been here. It was very moving.

• Royd.... “The teaching on the “Covenant” at the HSE made me think like never before. If I’m in covenant with God than I should spend move time with Him in prayer and reading. I’m so happy I now have all these new pastor books. I’m spending at least two hours each day in reading and prayer. My preaching has changed, even my life with the family”.

• Charles.... “There was a member of the church that asked me to come and speak to some of family that came for a visit. There was one person in the house that seemed to be demanded possessed. He didn’t like me being there so I made up my mind to leave. On the way back home God told me to go back to that house and pray for everyone on the house. I was very afraid to go back, but God said, ‘Don’t be afraid my Spirit will be with you’. As I when back in the house the man had his hands open in front of him and smoke was coming out of them. I asked what was happening and he said, he was blessing this house. I told him, God told me to come back and pray because this was His house to bless. The smoke stopped coming from his hands and I started to pray for the house and everything that happen in the house IN JESUS NAME. When we open our eyes that man was gone. No where to be seen”.

• Mwapa... “As I went back to my village I started to understand what the Holy Spirit wanted me to do and now the He wanted me to preach to the people. I have been using my notes from the HSE and just repeating this teaching to the church family. Each week someone is asking for prayer to be filled with the Holy Spirit. The power that we are seeing is moving and even my life is changing with more confidence in my preaching time and with power”.

• Judith.... “I didn’t feel like the people in my church was lessening or understanding what I was saying. I felt like there was a spirit of division starting in the church. I wanted them to understand God has so much more for them than just singing or praying in the church on Sunday. So God told me to go out to the market and just preach to anyone that would lessen to me. At first I was a bit afraid, but then God just keep telling me to go. I was thinking People would think I was crazy and laugh at me. But God said, Don’t be afraid’. Then people started asking for prayer for healing. And again I was afraid and God said, Don’t be afraid. People started to get healed. There are people coming to church now on Sunday that I have never seen before. The people in the church that was causing division have ether gone to another church or starting to understand”.

• John.... “Each week I started to Pray & Fast on Friday. Then God told me to go to each member in the church and pray with them on Friday. So each week I started going around and praying with different people. After a few weeks some of these people started to join me in Praying & Fasting and going around with me to pray with others. It has really made a difference in the churches attitude”.

• Greyson.... “God gave him a vision and promise as a young boy that ‘His life would be used in a special way’. At the HSE I prayed to be filled with the Holy Spirit. From that moment God started to give me more visions and showing His signs & wonders in the church. Each week people are being healed. The church is growing”.

• Komba (the pastor I brought out of the refuge camp).... “I have been living with so much fear and doubting that God could really use me. Everything is different with the church in Zambia than in Congo (He was a pastor in Congo for 12 years). I was moved from Chingola church to the Chimwewe church. I was so afraid I could not do a good job because that church was one of our strongest church’s. At the HSE God show me how I should not let the devil take away my joy and fill me with fear. I prayed that the HSE that Holy Spirit would fill me help me with my fear. As I started to work at Chimwewe that fear is gone. God is doing wonderful things at the church”.

There were other testimonies expressing how they were helped by the lessens on the “covenant”, “church leadership” and “fear or faith”. Everyone was so encouraged and gone back with renewed hope. Jean and I have been travel to each church and holding special Sunday services. He goes to one church and I go to another. We too are seeing a great difference in the churches and pastors. At each of our visit we agreed we would not leave until we prayed for those who want prayer for Holy Spirit to fill their lives and healing. We are seeing so many miracles.

This is getting long so I’ll stop for now. Hope this blesses you a bit today!

For Pictures of the Pastors from the HSE click HERE

Love to all,
Delbert & Sandy

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