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Nathan Groves the Graduate

It’s hard to believe but Nathan Groves is now the youngest graduate in our family!
There were 388 seniors in his graduating class. He just sent a nice letter to all his close friends and family explaining his goals for the future. Part of what Nathan wrote was.....

My plan is to go to Southeastern University in the fall. It’s located in Lakeland, Florida. My hopes are to get my bachelors degree in English and move to Alaska (yes Alaska!!) to further my passion for writing. I have a love for writing and maybe journalism. I know that it’s a long road ahead of me so I would ask for your continued love and prayers.

I’m not looking forward to mom and dad going back to Zambia, but I completely understand. I hope one day that God will lead me into a field of helping others as well. My grandparents and brothers live in Florida so hopefully I’ll be able to see them often.

We are very proud of him and know God will continue to work in his life as he enters the college world.
Please keep this great guy in your prayers!!

Prayer Request

Delbert and Rev. Jean Kalonga

I, Delbert, was scheduled to leave last month for Zambia, however, I started having more problems with my back. In fact, I had to have minor nerve block surgery to help relieve the pain. It has helped some, but I’m now in the middle of more testing and seeing an orthopedic surgeon. This means our return to Zambia has be delayed a few weeks.

Update about Rev. Jean Kalonga

We are in continual contact with the New Life Center.
Rev. Jean Kalonga is back there now and keeping everything
running smoothly.... BUT HE IS BUSY!!

Jean had a wonderful visit while in the United States. He spoke at the General Conference in TX and then he came to Florida. We traveled all over speaking at churches, support group meetings, PET International in Columbus, MO. and at the Florida Annual Conference. He was very well received by all he met. He is a great man of God and we are blessed to have him on staff at New Life.

Please keep Nathan, my back and Jean at the New Life Center in prayer.

We love you,
Delbert & Sandy Groves