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Jesus is returning

We just finished the last part of our month long evangelism tour in the CopperBelt and into the North West providence of Zambia. What a great time we’ve had in the Lord. We’ve seen thousands of people give their lives to Christ Jesus, filled with the promised Holy Spirit, been set free from cultural bondage and healed physically and emotionally. It has been wonderful seeing God‘s hands at work. God is so good!!

We put Evangelist Rev. Blake Lorenz on the plane for the USA yesterday. He has been with us for the last month. As mentioned in the last update, the team that came with him left two weeks ago. They all did an outstanding job! I want you to read part of an email Blake send back home before leaving. Blake wrote:

We got home to the New Life Center yesterday after over 1000 miles of African road travel, 24 services-which equates to 70 plus hours of preaching & teaching, and seeing God's Glory wherever we went. Even by camp fires.

We prayed for hundreds and hundreds to be ready for the return of Jesus Christ, over a thousand to be baptized in the Holy Spirit, and hundreds healed. When I talk about hundreds praying to have their lives ready for the return of Jesus that means salvations and repentance of sin. Every service the move of God was evident. Lives were truly changed forever. Churches strengthened. Jesus Christ exalted and glorified.

You are part of this marvelous work of God! Praise God for blessing us to be able to join Him in His mighty work. You would be amazed at the singing, dancing, and hunger these people have for God. They are truly our brothers and sisters in Christ.

I was at times overwhelmed as I prayed for older women suffering with AIDS, a little girl with cataracts forming on her eyes, a leper and countless others who have no medical care, no money, but their only hope is Jesus Christ. I am still believing for their healings.

I will treasure the moments we handed out the PETS to those who cannot walk. The joy they showed made me thank God for His simple grace. These people live in what we would consider unbearable poverty, yet their community of belonging, their sense of love and fellowship could teach us much. Their humility and how they honor others taught me much, that I pray I can live out in my life.

PLEASE be in prayer for all the people, healings, and challenges that lay ahead for those that have been touched by God.

We have another team coming in just a few weeks. I’ll send more about that later. Keep them in prayer too as they finalize their travel plans.

Below are a few more pictures from the last four weeks.......

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