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Food for Thought

We have a team here from Winter Park, Florida, Aloma UMC. This team is a progressive team broken up into three parts over the next eight weeks. They are building a sister church in a small village called MUTENDA, as well as holding three Kids Bible Camps. Rick H. and Dave M. are here now welding up the steel frame structure for the church. There will be more about this as time goes on.

However, yesterday Dave took time to go with Sandy to a feeding program in a nearby village. Sandy helped started this program as part of the CHE ministry awhile back. Now there are a number of local women from the village and a few business women from Kitwe town that all work together to feed over 100 kids once a week. These children have been identified by the local CHE members and clinic as malnourished and with families that cannot find enough food for their children. Below is what Dave wrote to the rest of the team that will be coming.


So today Sandy and I went to feed the kids again. They are just so
cute and sweet. Last week we had about 60 to 80 kids. This week we
had at least 120 kids or more. But still, everyone got feed. It
seems like work, but it’s truly not. We get so much joy from it. And
the ladies are so nice and love that we are there. This week they
also all got an egg. That might not sound like a lot, but to them it is.
Next week probably 150 kids. It just keeps growing and growing
and how can you turn any of them away. So we do our best and it
normally works out. I will update you with more very soon.
Thanks for the prayers and support. Peace & Love, Dave