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P.E.T.s are Rocking & Rolling

By Rev. Tamlyn Collins..... April, 2009

After being in Zambia for almost six months now you would think I would stop using so many American sayings, but apparently this isn’t so. I feel compelled to tell you that the P.E.T. Zambia Ministry is “rocking & rolling”. Two loads of P.E.T.s were recently delivered to two separate locations within Zambia. One load of 31 P.E.T.s went rocking out of the New Life Center headed to Mansa, in the Luapula Provence. The Lion’s Club International helped with the transportation of these P.E.T.s.

The second load of 50 P.E.T.s went rolling down the road in Big Blue to their final destination in Chinsali. Within the Chinsali community there have been 226 people identified as seriously disabled. Mr. Kenneth Kalichi (PET Zambia’s field representative), who traveled with the team to Chinsali, was enthusiastic as he described the response within the community as individuals came forward to receive their P.E.T.s. The event was also a great occasion for many of the churches in the area to come together to celebrate God’s love for the people there. The host Pastor for the day was Reverend Kangwa who was accompanied by Rev. Valentine Mulenga, the agent who speaks on behalf of the New Life Center and P.E.T within the Northern Province. However, the event was truly ecumenical as the Catholic Church, the New Apostolic Church, the Pentecostal Assemblies of Zambia, the United Methodist Church and the United Church of Zambia all came together with a common purpose which was to help the disabled there to experience God’s love through the free gift of a P.E.T.

There were many community representatives present including the District Commissioner. He stated, “The people of this community have never seen an event like this since independence.” He went on to thank all who had a part in delivering the P.E.T.s, and he recognized the “huge contribution” that was made to this community. Many representatives for Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs) were also there to observe the P.E.T. distribution and learn more about the project. The Zambia Information Service reported on the activities of the day.

“Church attendance was up after the delivery of the P.E.T.s,” stated Kenneth Kalichi, “as people came to experience the excitement and meet those who had delivered them.” Kalichi added, “Evangelism has been done because we have spread the Word to the people and the message of God’s love is going out into the community.’

When I asked Mr. Kalichi about the future of the P.E.T. Project he said, “We are looking forward to having more people participating in this project as we can see that it is expanding. We could really use help with the cost of fuel as we are traveling as far as 1,020 Kilometers to deliver P.E.T.s.” I would say that these deliveries were a great step forward as people from varied parts of the community and the world participated in each stage of the process of getting 81 more P.E.T.s to those who need them the most. Each of us serving at the New Life Center says, “Thanks to each of you.” With your help, we pledge to keep those P.E.T.s “rocking & rolling.”