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William's PET Hummer

While the St. Andrews UMC from Brandon, Florida was here their main focus was health screening on orphans and vulnerable children in the Kitwe area. They set up this screening in three different community schools. They examined about 800 children in five days. There were 11 members on the team. Rev. Bob Gibbs, the pastor at St. Andrews came, Mrs. Thea Greer was the team leader, Dr. Hank Schmidt was the doctor, Cindy Parsons and Mary Landsberger were the nurse practitioners, Mary & Joe Harless, Rita Mattson, Susan Thomason, Amy Fisher, and Carolyn Bass were the nurses and team support specialists. They worked side by side with resident Zambian doctors, nurses and teachers.

Their individual stories and experiences were wonderful to hear and talk about. At some point their church will post something on their web-site and I'll forward that on for you to review. They did an outstanding job and changed and touched lives in so many special ways. We thank God for their partnership with the New Life ministries.

While the St. Andrews UMC team was here, one of the many things we did was to take a day and drive an hour south to the mining township of LUANSHYA. We met with the Zambian Disabled Association there. It's a wonderful organization working with people's special needs in their area. They are one of many NGO organizations that work with "PET Zambia" in finding those throughout our country that would benefit from a PET. We will be going back to Luanshya in a few weeks to deliver another 20 PETs.

At Luanshya, we gave out five PETs. One was a Pull-PET that was sent in the last shipping container from our sister/co-partners, PET Missouri. They have been sending us PET parts for the last 10 years. The Pull-PET is new to the line-up in the PET family. Many people in need of a PET cannot even use the PETs that you peddle with your hands. Many people have no arms, they're blind, have cerebral-palsy, or other conditions that make it impossible to use the hand powered peddle PETs. The Pull-PET makes is possible for these special people to be mobile with the help of a loved one.

With that in mind, we gave this Pull-PET to a young man named William. You could see the excitement in his eyes. That could be said about each one that received a PET. William’s mom, dad and young sister were there as well. But what made my day was what I over heard when William's dad asked him, "Do you like this PET" and William's stuttering response said it all... "Thisss isss my Hummer". His dad just started laughing and gave him the biggest hug. I spoke with his dad for a bit and found that William is truly a special young man with big dreams and he loves to learn. He likes to draw and design things. He likes watching the Discovery channel on TV and believes he too has a roll to play in this world. I believe he does too. AND the Pull-PET is a big step in helping him move down that road.

We are still building 50 plus PETs each month here at the New Life Center, home to PET Zambia. We want to thank each one of you that support the New Life Center ministries. You are so very important to so many people in so many ways. We thank God daily for your partnership.

With thankful hearts,
Delbert & Sandy , the New Life Staff, and William & friends