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Holy Spirit Encounter 2010

We have been without the internet basically since January. The rains this year have been one of the worst we have ever seen. The rains and lighting have done thousands of dollars of damage including take out two internet radios on our tower. So with this in mind...please forgive us for not sending this out sooner.

It’s been exciting because for the last two weeks we’ve been holding the Holy Spirit Encounters. We held one already in the far distant village of Mwinilunga, and now we’re here at the New Life Center in the last two days (ending this Sunday). We have seen hundreds of people surrender their lives to Jesus. It has been so wonderful to see the transforming power of Jesus Christ work in this way. We just had a baptismal service and twenty five of our young people died to self and were reborn with Christ publicly.

We are so blessed to have Evangelist Blake Lorenz here again. This will be his ninth year coming, AND he came with his wife Rev. Beverly Lorenz. This is her first time coming to Zambia. Both of them are pouring themselves into the HSE gatherings. There is over 400 pastors, families and church leaders here at New Life right now. The interesting thing we’ve seen this year are all the young people. We believe this is because of our new director Rev. Charles Mulemena. He is the one that will be taking our late Rev. Jean Kalonga's place. He is like a magnet to our younger church.

We will be holding a Youth Empowerment Conference in a few months and Blake Lorenz Jr. will be coming with a team to work with Pastor Charles in that conference.

A lot of wonderful things are happening here in Zambia and it is such a joy to be here and see it all. You are very much a part of this foundational building and Spiritual growth. We really thank you from the depths of our hearts for all the prayer, involvement and support. Thank you- thank you!