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PETs... a labor of love

Personal Energy Transportation

In 2010 PET Zambia has built and distributed more than 500 PETs. It is our goal to do this each year. There is a real labor of love that goes into building and distributing PETs. It all starts with the gift of finances that comes from you and others all over the world. We then buy the parts and supplies in the United States or here locally, if possible. Other PET affiliates in the US also donate and send parts they have made. Then all this is carefully packed into a 40ft shipping container and sent to Zambia. We cut all the lumber from local trees and the steel from patterns. Then we strategically weld and manufacture it into the frames and boxes. Painting and assembling all the PET parts together is the next step. In the meantime we are locating those in need of a PET with our field representative and Zambian Partners. Lastly, we load our PET Zambia truck (Big Blue) and deliver those PETs to remote areas. Then finally, with a great love for Jesus and others in need, we turn those PETs over to the PET recipients! The PET Zambia staff, as well as many work teams that come from far and wide, enjoy this hard labor of love!

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The last load of PETs that was built in 2010 was delivered to LUAPULA in the Northern Provence of Zambia. PET Zambia is working with Pastor Joseph Chikumbi and his dear wife Maggie. Both of them have disabilities and Maggie uses a PET herself. They pastor a church that works with the disabled people of that area. They did a wonderful job of locating those that needed a PET and then set up a special day to distribute them. Their church is called, Heart for the World, out of the United States. A few weeks ago a group from their US sister church came for a visit. They stopped by the New Life Center for several hours. Pastor Charles and myself were able to give them some first hand information about the long term visions of the New Life ministries and the history of the PET. They then traveled to LUAPULA to take part in distributing the PETs sent there. We thought you would like to see and hear a bit from their days in Zambia.

Dear Rev. Groves,

I just wanted to say thank you again for taking the time to meet with us while we were recently there in Kitwe. Our entire crew that stopped in was so blessed by all that’s going on at and through New Life. We enjoyed our chat with you and I personally felt like I learned a lot from you in the short time we were there. Thank you also for the 50 PET’s donated to our ministry through Joseph and Maggie Chikumbi. The day we distributed them was one I will never forget! We had a big outreach with music and a meal, and then Joseph shared an encouragement and challenged the PET users. When we started to distribute the units, we prayed for each individual and family, and also gave each one a Bemba Bible and then we got to watch them take their PET’s for a spin! It was such an honor just to be there and see their beaming smiles! Thank you!

Thank you again for your generosity, kindness, and your partnership. We are blessed and inspired by the work you are doing in Zambia and the entire region and we hope to get an opportunity to connect with you all again in the near future!

God Bless,
Chris Kohn
Heart for the World

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