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October 5th through the 12th are very important days…

Evangelist Blake Lorenz will be coming to Zambia again and working with our evangelism teams at the annual Rain Festival in Kanyama. If you remember, we went last year for the first time and spoke at this event. To read Chief Kanyama's speech about the Historical background of the Rain Festival click here. In just this one event, hundreds of people received Jesus Christ and were healed and set free from many strong African culture bondages. We look forward to seeing what God will do this year. We are also going to Solwezi to hold a two day crusade and then back to the New Life Center for more ministry time. While we're doing this, Rev. Wendell Knight from Pathway to Health Ministries out of Orlando, Florida, will be holding a five day seminar here at the New Life Center. We need your prayers as we enter into this special time of evangelism ministry. We believe this will again be an anointed season of the Lord. We are called to be soul winners for Christ. This will be one of those time when that’s all we are doing. Please pray….

Evangelist Blake Lorenz

Blake Lorenz has been a close brother in the Lord for over 35 years now. He retired after 24 years as a UMC pastor in the Florida conference. He went straight into ministry after graduating from Asbury Seminary. As you know, Blake has been coming to Zambia each year and working with us in evangelism for the last 12 years. He is now coming two times a year. I personally can't say enough kind words about him or his commitment, first to Christ, and then his love for others and in leading them to Christ. I have been in mission service now since 1982. I know hundreds of pastors and evangelists around the world. However, Blake has been the one that has stood beside me in places that even angels are afraid to go (so to speak) in the far corners of Zambia. If I say let's go, he is the first in the vehicle. He is loved by the African people and church leaders. He has done a wonderful job, not only in leading people to Christ, but also in building leaders and evangelists in every place we have gone. For those that know him, they will tell you too, "This man was made to preach the Gospel to all that will hear". We have been toying with each other for years about writing a book together. Maybe one day we will and we'll call it, "Who Would Have Thunk?"! We have seen tens of thousands of people receive Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, receive healing, be filled with the Holy Spirit, and be set free from life's strongholds and selfish ambitions.
And we are only getting started!!

Blake is answering a call on his life to go into full time global evangelism. For me, I can only say, "It's about time!" He has been a good friend to you and me in helping us build God's kingdom here in Zambia.
He needs our continued encouragement and support.

Delbert & Sandy Groves

PS. Sandy and I will be heading to the USA Oct. 15th just after all these events. We will be spending most of our time up north in Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, Georgia speaking to our partnering churches. Then back down to Florida for the Holidays with family and friends. We will visit a few churches there as well. Please keep us in prayer as we travel and drive to all these places.

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