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St. Andrews UMC - Brandon, Florida Medical Team

The St. Andrews UMC of Brandon, Florida Medical Team have come and gone. For some of the team members they have been coming to Zambia for ten years now. Once again they did an outstanding job as they visited village churches and community schools conducting health screens on about 800 children. We personally don’t know how the team did it, because each day was early to rise and exhausted to bed the entire time they were here.

They also managed to fit two Sunday worship services into the time in Zambia. One of the team members was one of the pastors from St. Andrews UMC, Rev. Arlinda Burks. This was her first time to Zambia. She spoke at one of the services at the Jerusalem UMC in Chililabombwe. This is a small little village church that we’re hopeful to help build a sister church with in the next year.

Also on this team was Joe Harless. Joe has taken on the coordinating of the NLC Container Ministry. Each year we send over shipping containers that are filled with PET Zambia Bike parts and other various items and supplies. This is a big responsibility keeping everything in order, purchasing supplies, and getting them loaded into the container and then sending it on its way. We thank God for Joe and his hard work. If you have something you want sent over to Zambia, contact Joe, or click on “Support” for more information.

The medical team was made up of doctors (Hank Schmidt, Mary Landsberger, Cindy Parsons), nurses (Sheryl Rausch, Mary Harless, Amy Fisher, Rita Mattson) and support staff (Thea Greer, Alex Greer, as well as Arlinda and Joe), from Florida and Zambia, including Charles, Josephine, Elizabeth, Astridah, and Sandy. Everyone had their specific job to do. No one took it easy. Keeping children focused and presenting the love of Jesus to them before seeing the doctors was tricky to say the least. Many people in the St. Andrews church family also supported this team, not only with funds for this trip, but also with little wooden crosses, toothbrushes and tooth paste, pencils and stickers, and then at the last minute they gave hundreds of T-shirts. Each child was given these gifts during the process and it was a great way to calm their fears and express our love to them. Many of the children were afraid that they would be getting shots so they were very relieved when they finished seeing the doctors and the only thing they were given was love and care.

The team rounded off their time in Zambia with a quick trip to see Victoria Falls and some of the African game animals. That is always a wonderful way to say good-bye to Zambia, we love you and we’ll see you the next time around.

We cannot thank the team enough for all that they did for the children and people of Zambia while they were here. We also want to thank each of you for praying and supporting this team as they traveled to and fro. Each child they saw, touched, and loved was in many ways you as well. Missions is a calling and a team ministry. It takes every one of us doing our part.

We believe pictures can tell the story even better than words. It opens the window to all that took place in Jesus’ name!

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