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Holy Spirit Encounter AfterGlow from Evangelist Blake Lorenz

Thanks for all of your prayers and support. We have finished the Holy Spirit Encounter at New Life Center. God blessed mightily with all of us impacted by the Presence and Power of GOD. I was told by Rev. Charles Mulemena (New Life Center Director) that this is the only time the pastors and leaders get a time of spiritual renewal. He estimated that 60% of the growth in Zambia UMC is the result of the HSE. Praise God! We started the HSE with about 60 leaders and ended up with 250 plus people, 25 or more pastors and 100 or more leaders, the rest potential leaders, all hungry for God and to be filled with His Spirit to reach Zambia and now Central Africa for Christ.

Zambia TV surprised us and came and filmed Sunday morning, our last service, so they will show it many times across Zambia for the nation to hear of Jesus, His salvation and filling of the Holy Spirit! It was a powerful service, many came forward for total surrender of their lives to Christ and to be empowered by the Holy Spirit to GO take the Gospel to Zambia all the way back to Jerusalem!

We were blessed to join us in the teaching of the Gospel, Reverend Armando Rodriguez and his wife, Icel, the head of missions for Florida United Methodist. Armando and Icel live in Tallahassee, Florida, but are out of Cuba. They are Spirit filled and on fire for Jesus. Armando's father was the bishop of Cuba many years ago when the fire of the Holy Spirit began to spread throughout Cuba. They were warmly received and loved. They did a super job of teaching, sharing, and loving the people.

Great reports came in from all our work from last October in Kanyama, Zambia to the continual spread of the revival fire going out from NLC, Kitwe, Zambia. Chief Kanyama went out of his way to meet with me. It seems he looks at me as his mentor, spiritual advisor. His sister, Princess Betty, attended the HSE, so they were able to share much of what God is doing in the tribal area. They told us of the conversion of withdoctors, their bringing their craft and burning it, and public confessions. We even saw a brief video of one public repentance! We are working together to help them continue their outreach into the tribal areas. The people there are so hungry, but have little preaching, teaching, or Christian influence. In my heart, this is where we need to help bring the Gospel.

Delbert and his people are doing a tremendous job. They want to start sending out evangelism teams each month as a major over all plan, plus get the local teams going in their own areas. I promised them the first $500 to jump start them, so they can then become self sufficient. They plan to send a team each month and I believe we will see thousands saved and churches planted by these efforts.

Also, the pastors have no books or internet. Each pastor needs a library. I had Ken and Chris check the cost of buying books we can put into the container being shipped. I think it is around a hundred and ninety dollars for all 12 books I thought would be helpful. They have 79 pastors and 71 lay pastors in Zambia. Few, if any have a library or internet access, so they are starving for the Word and help in understanding the word and growing in the word If we can start with a set of five for five pastors that would be great. Delbert will send out a message to his church supporters to fill in the rest. Encounter church through Blake Lorenz Evangelism MInistries in conjunction with Delbert will send the first five sets. Please pray about more churches getting on board!

Charles is working on getting English Bibles in the container through their connection in the USA. They will ship 50 English Bibles in the April container and we will purchase 150 Lunda Bibles for October Rain Festival.

We need a canon camera for Kanyama for them to record the miracles and withdoctors repenting and burning their crafts. Does anyone know how to get one in the states?

We are part of a great move of God throughout Central Africa. As I gather from people, the Spirit of God is bringing tens of thousands if not millions to Christ below the Sahara. Our vision is to be part of this move. We are seeing the fire spread from NLC throughout Zambia. We have an outpost in Goma, Congo with Andrew and Amythest. I received a connection in Sudan last week. We will see where that goes?

I am impressed we need much prayer for the three day crusades in Kasama beginning this Friday. We leave Thursday and travel like 12 hours by van to Kasama. Delbert will drive the whole way? Pray for him. This is almost new territory. The report is people are hungry and excited as Delbert sent a team last week to prepare the way! We need Jesus exalted, the Gospel preached, souls saved, people empowered to spread the Gospel, miracles to exalt Jesus, and churches planted with strong leaders.

Pray for my voice to stay strong!

As I told the leaders at the HSE, this is an historic time in Zambia and Central Africa. God is going to take the Gospel to the people. He has blessed us to be part of His work with thousands of others. It is a tremendous gift God has provided us to help the Zambians spread the fire through prayer, equipping, and finances. Let us do all we can at this monumental time. It would be a grave sin if we did not do all in our power and give all God leads us to give to partner with this wonderful work. Thank you for all you are doing.

God bless, love Pastor Blake.

p.s. I wish you all were here to experience what God is doing, but in a sense you are in your prayers and sacrificial giving. Blessings to you!

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