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KASAMA Crusade

Dear Friends,

As you know, we recently returned to Zambia after a long itineration time in the USA. Once here we found ourselves running to get caught up with a mountain of concerns and scheduled ministry outreaches. The Holy Spirit Encounter and then the KASAMA Crusade with Evangelist Blake Lorenz were first. It was a blessed time and we did see many give their life to Christ. At the KASAMA crusade we held evening open air gatherings and showed the Jesus Film. That was something new for us to do believing it would encourage others passing by to stop to watch and listen before we shared God's word. It was a wonderful time even though it was not as well attended as we normally see. This area of the country is new to the UMC of Zambia. We already have one "Sister Church" built in that area and will hopefully build others as funds and time allows.

One evening, while we were speaking this man comes walking up and stood right in front. During prayer and ministry time we prayed with him and saw God do a wonderful work in his life. He told us, "I was not feeling well and have been having a lot of troubles in my life right now. I went to bed early but was having trouble sleeping. Then I heard a voice tell me to get up and go outside. So I got dressed, went outside, but didn't see anything except darkness. So I started walking and then after awhile I heard this noise (the crusade's AV system). I heard the man of God (Pastor Blake) say, "If you are living with troubles and you are tired of sin in your life, this is the time a loving God wants to help you and set you free. You prayed with me and I believe God has done His job in me". For the evangelism team, because we were feeling disappointed about the low attendance, it was clear that God was saying that even if one person gives their life to Christ and was set free from the bondages of this life, it was all worth it…. and it was! Thank you Jesus…

As you can see from this email we have been doing some work on the appearance and way we are sending out our "Ministry Update". Emily, who will be with us for the next year or two is a very smart person and is bring us into the 21st Century! All we can say is, “Thank you Jesus, it's about time!” Over the next few weeks you will find new items and pictures on the website, new ways to communicate with us, and a new New Life Center FaceBook setup that links you to "New Life Center Zambia". To be honest, I don't know all that Emily is capable of doing, but whatever it is… we are for it! As long as you are getting the message and kept in the loop, we are happy! So we hope you will enjoy some of the changes you'll be seeing over the next few weeks/months and use them to help you in developing your partnership with the New Life Center and the people of Zambia.

To read a bit more, I have also included Rev. Blake Lorenz’s thoughts about the Kasama Crusade and the work in Zambia. Please read it below. On our way back to New Life Center we stopped and visited a few water falls in tha Kasama area. That was a great time in unspoiled paradise! I have included some of those pictures, as well as some of the pictures from the Kasama Crusade.

Thank you once again for all that you are doing to help us with the work of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ to this part of the world.

Delbert & Sandy and New Life Staff

We had a great mission to Zambia. I am back and feel strong. My voice stayed good and even though we had a long, arduous trip to Kasama, I returned refreshed thanks to Delbert, Sandy and their wonderful team.

In my trip to Zambia, I sensed an ever widening call to the surrounding nations in fulfillment of the vision to take the fire from Zambia through the African nations back to Jerusalem. Representatives from Malawi, through Delbert, have asked us to come next year. We will see. Also, a contact in Sudan has been introduced to me. We could be going there if the Lord leads. Also through Delbert, we met Armando and Icel, who are taking the fire to Angola. I am excited God is opening doors for Delbert in Angola.

I see us as God's messengers like the Apostle Paul going to the churches and stirring up the fire so the nationals can take it to their people. We are the spark to ignite the fire of the Spirit where God sends us. I say this humbly, knowing we are but His servants and pray to be faithful in His service. We are only able to do anything by His grace and mercy.

I see these outposts of fire, contagious and spreading as God prepares for Jesus' return!

I am excited as it looks like Chris, Walt and Cheryl are planning to go to Zambia and the Congo in October. The door is always open for you to GO as the Lord leads!

I pray you are well and strong in the Lord. We are part of His mighty army for these end days. Thank you for all you do in Christ. You are awesome and powerful in Him.

Love, Blake.


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