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Malawi PET Deistribution

A word from the Director of New Life Center, Charles Mulemena regarding his trip to Malawi to distribute PETs

Charles Mulemena

Serving God is the best opportunity we all have been given by Him Who cares so much about us that He gave His only Son Jesus Christ that we may be hooked up to Him for ever.

Just a day after our annual conference, I had yet another opportunity to delivery the PETs tricycles for the disabled people in the neighboring nation of MALAWI through Mr. George Chimpiko and his KODO ministry. While in MALAWI, I realized that KODO ministry which is a disables ministry led by Mr. George who is himself disabled as well, is an agent of change among the Malawian disabled people. I have NEVER seen such a hard working, dedicated, faithful, and people loving man like George. He spends much of his time and resources making sure that the disabled people are provided with mobility, and education at all cost.

NOTE: As I was working with Mr. George, the whole time his car was broken down with several problems to be sorted out, and that is the ONLY car they have for KODO ministry. PLEASE, let's join our faith and pray for George and KODO ministry that God will provide them with a dependable 4X4 pickup to run the affairs of KODO in order for those disabled brothers and sisters in Malawi to continue getting mobility and educational support for their self reliance.

Rev. Charles Mulemena
Director - New Life Center

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