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While we're here in the USA the New Life Center Ministries keeps progressing in Zambia. We love it and thank God for the wonderful staff at the NLC! These are pictures just sent of two NEW Sister Churches being built right now. This is part of your support in the far North West corner of Zambia. The goal is to build at lease two sister churches each year. This year, through the New Life Center "Sister Church" program three churches were built! We thank God for your support of this wonderful and very important ministry! The message below was just sent to me from our Assistant Bishop, Rev. Kilembo Skakikupe, a great man of God!

Dear Delbert,

I would like once again to thank you for the progress I have seen in the church building program of the New Life Center. I'm very happy and excited for the two churches in Dishipa and Mumbeji. The construction of these two churches will bring a great change in the church growth in the north western province. On behalf of the Zambia Conference, I express our gratitude to you , Sandy, all the New Life center management and all volunteers and churches who are behind this growth. Your ministry is giving to the Zambian Conference another kind of cloth which will enable the Conference to stand without shame and proclaim the Good News of our Lord Jesus Christ with more determination.

We love you very much and pray God to continue giving you a stable health and more strength for the rest of your schedule in USA.

God bless you and Mama Sandy

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