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2013 Summer Months Update # 2

In June we received the Aloma UMC team from Winter Park, Florida. Rick & Cathy Hatcher were the team leaders and have been here several times. They brought four new members with them, Rick & Amy Hatcher (son & daughter in-law), Eric Baker, and Savannah Breazel.

They came to hold Kids Bible Camp at their Sister Church, Mutenda UMC, build church benches and help with the PET program. They actually camped at the church while holding the Bible camp.

When they returned to NLC they also held another Kids Bible Camp for the children in the Kitwe area. We can’t really tell you with just words how much these camps affect and change the lives of the children. But you see it in their eyes and in their hugs and their beautiful smiles. When they sing and pray and ask Jesus to lead their lives, it is said with such honesty that it brings tears to your eyes. In my book, these are some of the richest children in the world. They are not tied down with “the stuff” most children feel they need to be happy. I read recently that when Beatle, John Lennon, was in school he was given an assignment to write a paper on “What he wanted to become in life”. He wrote, “Happy”. This is really what all children of the world want and we can tell you that after Bible Camp, our UMC kids are happy!

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