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2013 Summer Months Update # 3

As the Aloma UMC team finished up their last day of Kids Bible Camp at the New Life Center, Marsha Mullett and Jean Kendra, from Heritage UMC in Clearwater Florida, arrived. They came to see their newly built Sister Church in Kasama and to work with the Womens Ministry and conduct another Kids Bible Camp. As new Sister Churches are built we usually do some type of outreach within the church through evangelism training, women’s ministry or children’s ministry or sometimes all three at one time. After a visit at the Kasama church we also went to a village church called Chimula where Pastor Knowledge started a new United Methodist congregation. It is part of the Kasama District and only 35 kilometers from the main tarmac road. We had planned to do 2 days of women’s ministry and 2 days of children’s ministry with our team of 5 women; Marsha, Jean, Josephine, Barbra, and Sandy. Unfortunately our plans quickly changed when it took us 2 ½ hours to drive the 35 km to the church! The road was VERY bad. We condensed the program to 2 days and did the women’s ministry and Kids Bible Camp all at the same time. The men from the church were even there and they helped Sandy with the cooking for lunch so that the women of the church could participate in the activities that Marsha and Jean had prepared. It was a fantastic time of ministry with an active and vibrant church family. Because of our changed plans for the Chimula Church we were also able to hold a short Kids Bible Camp at a new UMC congregation in Mbala. God always works things out better than we can. We had a great opportunity to encourage a newly started congregation and we continue to support them in prayer. We were also able to take an afternoon to drive over to Mpulungu on the edge of Lake Tanganyika. While there, we found the remains of a missionary church, Niamkolo, in the area. It is now a National Heritage site since it was built in 1895. We thank those who went before us to plant the seeds of the Good News of Jesus Christ. Because of their labors in very difficult circumstances we are now seeing the fruit of their labor. Many people of the northern region of Zambia have heard the News of Jesus and have stepped into an Eternal Life in the family of God.

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