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2013 Summer Months Update # 5

In August the First UMC Ocala, Florida team came. Carl & Stella Bergerson returned this time as the team leaders. They also brought Rev. Allan Johnson (their pastor), Harley Phillips, Jason Joseph, and Susan Imes. The team originally had planned on working with their Sister Church, Chilonga UMC, and attending and helping with the Annual Youth Camp. However, due to a change in the local Zambian school schedule, we had to move the Youth Camp back one week which meant changing the team’s agenda. Sandy quickly organized an additional Kids Bible Camp at the Chibuluma Church. The team was well-received in both locations as we were able to play games, share Bible stories, and do crafts with the kids. Another special thing they did was to help build church pews for the Chilonga church. On Sunday, Rev. Allen Johnson preached. This was a very special service because this was dedication Sunday in the new Chilonga UMC sister church!! Think about how cool that was for everyone there. The church that helped them build their church was also there to help them dedicate the new building and preach the first service! Take a look at their old worship place and compare. The story of building this sister church is interesting. Just over a year ago Carl Bergeson was here to help us with the After School Tutoring Program teaching chemistry and physics. One Sunday we went to Chilonga, a farming village about 90k away from the New Life Center. I had not been there since 2011 and the pastor asked me to come preach. I knew they had started building a new church and was looking forward to seeing it completed and worshiping there. However, once there I saw they only had the walls up. They needed the funds for the roof and cement for the floor to complete the church. Carl said, “I think I could get our Ocala church to help finish the church”, and that’s just what they did! In the years to come, this will be one of our strongest churches in the Zambia UMC Conference. I just know it!!

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