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2013 Summer Months Update # 6

The United Methodist Church of Zambia has an orphanage! It's called The Lord's Mountain Orphanage in Zambezi. It was founded in 2000 by Rev. Bernard & Betty Lumene. They are two of the most special people you can ever met. They are missionaries from D.R.Congo. This ministry started by Bernard & Betty feeding abandoned street children in that area. It quickly turned into a deep need and they now have 35 children and could grow to 100's if the support was there. The children are age 2 to 18. Some have already graduated out and on their way in life! Some of your NLC support goes to help the LMO.

In early September, a wonderful group of pastors and leaders from the West Texas and New Mexico UMC Conference's came to see the Lord's Mountain Orphanage. Other than the small Zambezi town there is a beautiful water falls and expansion bridge there. We had the privilege of taking and working with this team to the orphanage. They did an outstanding job of showing these beautiful children they are loved as well as encouraging the staff at LMO. They asked Bernard, before coming, if they could bring a few things with them that would be helpful for the children. Of course, clothing is always needed, so Bernard sent them the names and sizes of the children. Now, what blessed me from all of this was the day this team gave out these gifts to the kids. NORMALLY, when a gift is given to a group of children it's a little bit like a free-for-all, loud and crazy with the word "me-me-me' scrammed out. However, they asked the children to sit down and slowly they called each one by name and gave them each something specify for them. I was sitting there listening to the children as they commented on what was happening. One little girl, with tears in her eyes said, "They know who I am!" Another said, "This is just what I needed. How did they know that?" Another fun moment was when one of the team members said, "I hope you are not to disappointed, but our church sent you all new underwear". The kids all jumped to their feet and started cheering! By the time this team left LMO Zambezi all the children knew they were loved and special in the eyes of this team and in the eyes of God. The children were saying, "They are our grandparents!"

One other special thing that happened was that Bernard needed a truck to help the orphanage bring supplies from Kitwe and the work on the LMO Farm. He has been getting money little by little from supporters to help buy a truck. This team topped up with the additional funds needed and the truck is now in Zambia. Bernard is just waiting for his driving license to be approved (hopefully this coming week) and away he will go! God is good…. Amen!


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