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Annual Youth Camp 2014


I have been looking forward to sharing with all of you about what the Lord has been doing through the New Life Center here in Zambia. We have been busy and “ROCKING IT” in Jesus Christ and we are enjoying every moment of our ministry life.

The month of August has been the most exciting one for me personally because we had an awesome National Youth Camp the week of 13th- 17th with up to 372 young people from all over Zambia within the UMC and non-denominational. It was a power-packed 4 days of God’s love and presence manifesting among us in a unique way. Many young people’s live were transformed forever, touched, delivered, healed, and saved completely.

Several of the young people came to the altar as vulnerable as babies surrendering their lives to Christ and wanting more of God’s leadership in their lives with an honest resort to committing their lives to serve God in a more determined ways.

My uttermost climax of the whole 4 day event was the COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM that we just launched on the last Sunday of the camp, August 17th. As some of you friends may be aware that I have been talking to you on the vision the Lord had put on my heart for the young people of the UMC here in Zambia, to send them to school and support them with scholarships.

Well, for the first time ever in the history of the United Methodist Church here in Zambia, we have launched a College Scholarship Program for the UMC young people for the following reasons:

  1. To empower the young people in the Church with education and employment for poverty eradication in the Church and society.
  2. As a way of empowering future professionals to be the contact people in places of their various assignments with regard to the United Methodist Church planting and development, and
  3. Finally, to prepare for a self-supporting Church in Zambia that does not depend on donor funding for various ministries/activities.

I am sure now you understand why I said the month of August has been the most exciting for me personally. Well, with the prayer and support from you our friends, for the first time ever the COLLEGE SCHOLARSHIP PROGRAM was finally launched on August 17th and Abraham Malata has become the first beneficiary of this wonderful program.

In pictures here meet Abraham Malata as other young people congratulate him, he sheds tears of joy, and he thanks God for such a rare opportunity to go to College. In his “thank you” message, Abraham expressed shock on the love of God upon his life. He told other participants that he was an orphan who was under the care of his older sister, and that his sister was NOT in a position to send him to College due to lack of funds but that now Abraham is shocked to know that God loves him to the point of providing him with a full College Scholarship. With the resources that God has provided so far, we have decided to add on yet another young person for College Scholarship for at least one year, so with your prayers and support, we have Abraham Malata, and Kasungulu on the College Scholarship Program for this year, praise the Lord!!!!!!

Therefore, allow me thank all of you so much for your fervent prayers and support in what the Lord is doing through your youth ministry, and I pray that this is just the beginning of an amazing journey of empowering the young people in Zambia, the Church, and the society as a whole. PLEASE, be reminded that I will always need you so that together we can accomplish what God has started through us. Again, a “BIG” thank you for all that you are, and all that you do for the Lord.

With love & prayer,

Rev. Charles Mulemena


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