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A ministry of the United Methodist Church

George Chimpiko, Founder of the KODO, Shares a word of thanks...

Give them a chance, people with disabilities will help to assist in development of the country at any levels of our societies. Seen here are some disabled men and women who recently joined their fellow members in SALIMA Malawi at a road show 4km long to the venue of this important function which was organized by the National Initiative for Civic Education. PET has given them mobility and that's why they are here to make a difference. This was the first time for these men and women to participate and to vote since they came to this world some 20 or more years ago.

Thank you PET International, PET Zambia, GCF, GCT and all that support Personal Energy Transportation for your hard work in assisting us in Malawi. Becoming mobile is fulfilling KODO's vision of seeing the immobile become productive and accessing with opportunities that are available to mankind.

Smile and enjoy some taste of Malawian cultural dances in action.

George Chimpiko

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