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A ministry of the United Methodist Church

Where has the year gone?

We first want to thank you for your continued prayers, support, and involvement with all the outreach ministries here at the New Life Center. We continue to see God’s hand on everything we are doing. Our constant goal is to see Zambian’s find salvation in Jesus Christ. We see this happen day-after-day, year-after-year. To see people let go of their self-centered interest and believe Jesus is the one and only Messiah is a wonderful thing to see.

The summer months are always filled with teams coming from the USA. This summer we also have two young college ladies with us from Florida. Susan Imes from Ocala, Frist UMC and Savannah Breazel from Winter Park, Aloma UMC. Susan jumped right in here and started teaching basic reading and math skills to our morning classes of older students that want to go back to school and re-take and pass their grade 9 test. Once Savannah arrived in Zambia, they went by public transport and spent a few weeks working up in Zambezi at the Lord’s Mountain Orphanage. They just returned and you should hear their stories of how God used and blessed them.

Another team will be here this coming Friday (July 18th) from the Ocala, First UMC. This will be a team of five youth, including Susan’s sister. They will be holding Kids Bible Camps, helping build PETs, holding small gatherings with the youth from some of our local UMC congregations, and helping with some general maintenance around the New Life Center. Please keep them in prayer. These are always special moments when God talks to those that give up their time to come to Zambia and share the love of Christ with others of a different culture.

We also just finished hosting a team from Emily’s home church in Rochester, IN. It included the pastor and his wife, who also just happen to be Emily’s parents, Buck and Vallie Padilla, and 3 lovely ladies, Joyce, Judy and Shirley. We had a great time with them and I don’t think Emily stopped smiling the whole time they were here. They also were involved with teaching for the extra lessons we offer for not only the older students, but also for the orphaned and vulnerable grade 9 and 10 students that we teach in the afternoons. The ladies held a women’s prayer conference that was greatly appreciated and there was also painting projects that Pastor Buck organized and kept on track for us. We all miss them since they left.

Next month we will be traveling to Malawi with another load of PETs (that the Ocala team will help with) to find their new home to those in need. One of the wonderful things about the PET Zambia outreach is we continue to go into other countries. With the new PET Zambia workshop we are now able to build more months each month. We need to keep this before

the Lord. Our goal is to double production to 100 each month. Of course the parts and getting them here in Zambia is our biggest concern. The need is great, but our God is greater. Just keep praying that the goal will be met. A major concern to lift up to the Lord is that we would again receive exoneration status as the church for receiving shipping containers without having to pay the duty and taxes that are normally charged. A government change has put a stop to that in the last few months.

This year we will be building two Sister Churches again as well. However, on top of that wonderful progress we just built, with the help of Rev. Derell Patterson and his team that came last year from the West Texas UMC Conference, a multi-purpose building at the Lord’s Mountain Orphanage. The walls and finishing touches are being done as you read this. This building will be used not only for the orphanage, but also for the Zambezi UMC District. It will be well used! In fact, we will be holding Zambia’s Annual Conference there this month, July 20th-23rd!! It was a little challenging to get it up in time, but once again God lead the way and it’s done! Thanks to you and our new partners from West Texas UMC Conference.

Also, next month will be the Annual Youth Camp here at the New Life Center. There will be over 300 youth from around Zambia here. These are key young man and women that will be leading our Zambian UMC Conference into the future. They are starting a new program this year out of the camp of a College Scholarship for one person that has the highest academic report. I personally believe this will be another wonderful way to build a strong future for Zambia and the UMC. Education is everything…

Sandy and Emily are keeping the after school tutoring program going. They now have 40-50 students in the morning and another 20-30 students in the afternoon that they are working with in science, math, English, and now reading. Mrs. Mwamulima and Mrs. Tembo are both retired Zambian teachers and they are working with English and reading with the students. It really is great to see the student’s faithfulness to coming to these classes after a full day of school in the afternoons and leaving their families, children and responsibilities to come for the morning classes. They are committed to getting a better education and we are here for them.

hese are very special times for Zambia and the church, here and around the world. Please continue to take your part serious as a member of the family of God. Be strong right where God has you. Show Christ’s amazing love to all you meet. Continue to look beyond the walls of your church and country. Find new Biblical ways to build the Kingdom of God! Make disciples of Jesus Christ wherever you are and be bold like you have never been before. Stand in FAITH not in your own understanding. May God continue to bless each of you greatly for all that you do to proclaim the greatest Good News ever told… Jesus is Lord!

Delbert & Sandy


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