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Malawi Crusade

"Evangelist Blake Lorenz Shares from his heart"

When God touches your heart, you begin to burn with a passion for the things of God. Like the hound of heaven, the mission that burdens your soul, pursues you till you realize you have to go with God. He has captivated you.

Like Jacob, who wrestled with God, he forever walked with a limp, because God touched him. He became Israel, the prince of God. He could never go back to being the manipulator, who stole from his brother and deceived his father. Instead, he now knew God in such depth of his spirit that God owned his soul. In every step he took, he remembered the night he became a new man.

In Salima, Malawi God touched my heart. He planted a seed that has begun to grow into a passion. If nurtured and cherished it could become a harvest of a nation. At worst, it can change lives and impact a community of disabled people that will echo into their soul the love of Jesus Christ.

It began under an old battered and worn out canvas tent in a field of dried grass and dirt. A piece meal sound system that hurt our ears. A small crowd of people that inspired discouragement rather than encouragement. Then God lifted the veil. The eyes of my understanding were opened. I began to realize why He had sent us on this mission that seemed all too disorganized and sparsely attended by souls the world could care less about.

Yet, God in His love and wisdom cared. He had heard the cries of a man named George, who had labored his whole life for the disabled and cursed of his community. Hard to describe him. A dreamer? A fool? A life that would pass without the world ever taking notice? Yet, God saw him pour out his strength for the handicapped, the shamed and forgotten of this earth.

Who would listen to him? Who would come? Who would care? Such a simple and easy task to build A PET so a crippled old man or a lame young girl could dare to enter society and become a productive member of Salima. Instead of laying in a hut without hope or dignity, now they could come out of the darkness into the light. Someone really cares and loves me. I can be a world changer for Jesus.

The member of the Malawian Parliament was there and told me at the last service, polio is the great crippler of their children in Malawi. He shared that they could use 2 million PETS in Malawi. Perhaps, he meant 200,000. All I know is God touched my heart and I cannot get out of my head the faces and deformed bodies of those wonderful people who sat in their PETS during the service or who laid in the grass and waited anxiously hoping beyond hope they would receive a PET.

George needs a small factory built on his property so they can make their own PETS. We are not talking about a large sum of money and labor to bring his dream to life. Delbert Groves and Joe Harless will come up with the plan. Contact them as God leads you... . I am asking us to join them in saying we will see this dream come alive.

It will not require much sacrifice to give meaning and purpose to thousands of lives being wasted when they could be peddling throughout their community witnessing to a miracle, that really is no miracle at all. Just a little effort to bring hope and a smile to those God loves.

Let us pray that this fire will not die out in the night, but be birthed in the light of His glory, the glory that shines in the faces of the poor and lame of Malawi. This is a dream worth pursuing. I believe. Will you believe with me?

Love, Blake.


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