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Where I Go - You Go

by Blake Lorenz

Once again, Evangelists Blake Lorenz and Ken Suckling are here working with the New Life Center Zambia Evangelist. They traveled over 1600 kilometers to minister in crusade fashion at the Kanyama Rain Festival, Zambezi, Kabompo, and Solwezi. There is no way of knowing out of the thousands of people came forward for salvation prayer we’ll see in heaven, but the joy seen on their faces is enough for now. We’re finishing up with a five day Evangelism Training here at NLC. What a blessed time it has been!!

Blake just wrote a wonderful article below about his time here and I know you would like to read it too!

Now that Blake has stepped into full time Evangelism he is free to travel even in the USA and speak at local churches. His call and passion in life is to lead people to Jesus Christ. He loves to teach others how to share their faith in Christ and as he puts it, to become, “End time messengers for Jesus Christ!” If you are interested in having him come and share his stories of Zambia and beyond and wakeup your church for Jesus, all you need to do is contact him...

Rev. Blake Lorenz
Phone: 407-832-1858

From Blake Lorenz...

Faithfulness is a life changing seed planted in the soil of God's vineyard. By our Creator's watering grace it yields a bountiful harvest of souls saved, bodies healed, Holy Spirit empowered witnesses, new dreams and visions to serve God, anointed end time messengers, love and fellowship that satisfy the heart's longing for peace and community, and the wonder of God's glory and covenant blessings.

As I reflect on my mission and evangelism journey to Zambia, I see more than ever that after 15 years of coming to Zambia how God's faithfulness is transforming a nation through the faithful service of His people. I rejoice in Him and for these marvelous Zambians and missionaries, who have sowed God's love and truth in Jesus Christ and are reaping an overflowing harvest of spiritual and material riches.

On my fourth visit to Chief Kanyama and the Rain Festival, I witnessed such an increase in his chiefdom of lives hungry for God, willing to take His message of salvation to the other tribes, and a stream of thankful offerings of food and wealth that never seemed to end.

At the end of the Rain Festival I saw several thousand stand with arms raised in surrender to God, crying out to our Savior, fill me with the fire of God, baptize me in the power of the Holy Spirit, use my life for Your glory. This included Chiefs, Headsmen, government officials, pastors, and the people of Kanyama.

I then witnessed a countless number of men and women bring in an offering of bountiful harvest that exceeded anything I have ever seen. Men carried in sacks of grain, mattresses, even a freezer, and placed them on their altar of praise. Balanced atop the heads of women, came bushels, baskets, and sacks of maize and melimeal (corn flour). Amidst these sacrificial gifts rose a spirit of celebration I believe it touched the heart of God in heaven with a special tug that welled His spiritual eyes with tears of thanksgiving for a grateful people.

From Chief Kanyama Our ministry received a wondrous gift of 500 acres of land along the beautiful Lunga River. The vision is to provide a pastor's retirement village, an orphanage, and a teaching center to train evangelists to reach the rural tribes with the love of Jesus. Again, only the faithfulness of God and the faithfulness of His people will bring this seed to harvest.

From Chief Kakoma, I received an invitation to come to his kingdom to hold crusades and plant a church. The fire of God is spreading and we must ride this wave of grace to the finish, pouring ourselves out as a drink offering to the Lord.

Then we went to Zambesi, Kabompo, and Solwezi, to preach the Gospel and raise up end time messengers to prepare the way for Jesus' return. Wow! Their hunger for God and their desire to be used as His witnesses was overwhelming. As with Chief Kanyama's people many were saved and several hundred answered the call to be anointed as end time messengers.

There were moments when I could do nothing but be moved to tears of joy and amazement as God poured out His love on these people who thirst for the living water of the Spirit sent by Jesus and the Father. As always, in the pastors I saw my heroes, who sacrifice all for Jesus in ways, we in America cannot even fathom. That is why I am so excited about Delbert's vision to create a retirement community for these men of God, who if they live to retire literally have no where to live, no money, no income, no health insurance...

Back at New Life Center, we are training evangelists in the Gospel and how to train others. We have gathered 21 men and women of God, with more coming in daily. I rejoice in this vital work to multiply the evangelists, but also grieve because we could have had over 150. Due to lack of funds we could not pay their transport to NLC. Until you travel with us, it is almost impossible to comprehend how difficult their lives are just to survive each day, let alone pay the cost of transportation.

This trip more than ever I have witnessed the truth of God. When you are faithful with a little, God will increase His blessings and the opportunities to share the love and hope of Jesus Christ. My prayer today, as I prepare to teach is from the Moravian young men, who sold their lives into slavery to bring the Gospel to the slaves of an isolated West Indies plantation, never to see their families and loved ones in this life. "May the Lamb that was slain, receive the reward of His suffering." All to Jesus.

God bless you, love, Pastor Blake.

P.S. Thank you for your prayers and faithful support that enables me to go. Wherever I go, you go!


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