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Yes - We are Ready

During the closing sessions of our evangelism training, I would challenge the evangelists with the question, "Are you ready?" This implied that it was time to put what they had learned and experienced into practice to go into the world and proclaim the Gospel.

Their excitement to be God's messengers began to grow as I asked that question, until they started to jump from their chairs to stand erect and shout back to me with great joy "Yes, we are ready!"

They are ready to go to share Jesus, to lead unbelievers to faith in Christ, and to train others to proclaim the Gospel and then for them to train others to do the same. II Timothy 2:1ff.

Friday we graduated 25 trained Spirit filled evangelists. We had a powerful week of learning together. Delbert and I poured our lives into them for four days. They received my teaching, memorized Scripture and the Gospel, shared their testimonies, practiced sharing, learned about reaching the lost, the importance of making disciples, and to be filled with the Holy Spirit to be Jesus' witnesses, and trained to train others to be evangelists.

As Ephesians 4:11,12 states, the work of an evangelist is not just to preach the Gospel, but also to equip the saints to be witnesses and to train up other evangelists, who can train others.

Almost all of them are already active in evangelizing, but none have been involved in the multiplication of training others to evangelize. So, their final exam, in order to receive their certificate, was to share the vision God had given them to go from New Life Center and put into practice what they had learned.

Both Delbert and I were deeply moved and impressed by the work of the Spirit in them as they each in turn stood before the class and shared their vision for the future. Acts 2:17, tells us in the last days God will pour out His Spirit and we will receive dreams and visions. I was greatly encouraged by what they believed God would do in their lives.

Here is a brief summary of what their visions consisted of:
They would return to their churches to train others and reach out to the lost by: training the youth and having a youth evangelism conference, becoming international evangelists, teaching women's groups, going to orphans and the disabled, visiting the backslidden to bring them back to Christ and active involvement in the local church, visit hospitals, go door to door, start a school, start a sewing class and use that to reach the lost and train them to reach others, go to his wife and train her, get other women involved, plant churches, go to the villages and Chiefs, train the pastors of all denominations to evangelize, translate our workbook into Bemba and Lunda, go to the government and urban areas, not hold onto but freely share what they learned with others...

Delbert shared his vision for them which was for them to be evangelists and continue to use their lives to exalt Jesus. I closed with challenging them to train three others in the next six months to train others. We gave them each three workbooks, three of Delbert's handbooks, and three copies of my book, "Visits to the Gate of Heaven." Then read Matthew 10:5ff and challenged them to go as Jesus went and as He sent His disciples tithe world. They leaped to their feet, "Yes, we are ready."

My question for you is, "Are you ready?" We live in the final days before Jesus' return. God is raising up an army of end time messengers to awaken His church, the nations, and Israel. It is unfolding across the world like the unrolling of a scroll. Are you ready for His Coming? Are you ready to witness to those asleep and unprepared? I praise God there are 25 new evangelists in Zambia ready and on fire in the power of the Holy Spirit to go into the world to ring the bell of Jesus' return. Will you join them?


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