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Holy Spirit Enconter 2016

We had a Heaven of a time!

We had a “heaven” of a time at this Year’s Holy Spirit Encounter. So many new people came, especially young men and women, hungry for God and to be used of God. The challenge becomes channelling them into ministry, to evangelize and plant churches, to raise up others they can disciple. Thus, to see a continual multiplication of faith and life in Jesus Christ.

At the beginning of our sessions, I was moved to ask them to look up at the roof and to tell me what they saw. Of course, they saw steel and beams and a roof. I did not see that. I saw an opening in the heavens with Jacob’s ladder and angels descending and ascending, telling me “surely God is in this place.”

Then when we had close to fifty come forward to commit to evangelize Zambia and Central Africa, to be Jesus’ end time messengers, the John the Baptists of our day who will prepare the world for Jesus to come again, I asked them to look at the wall behind me. What did they see?

I said I saw past the wall in the Spirit, there were fields and fields ripe for harvest. Therefore, go and make disciples, teaching all that Jesus had commanded us, then sending these new believers out into the fields to reap a mighty harvest.

God is here with us as I reflect on the past several days. New Life Center is full of life. It is God’s holy ground to not only move a nation, but to touch a continent for Jesus. Delbert and Sandy have been used of God to prepare a place of heaven on earth, where people can come and encounter God. They will receive teaching, training, healing and encounter God in dreams and visions.

They can see with spiritual eyes, filled with the Holy Spirit, to follow Jesus and do all He shows them to do. The Apostle Paul often shared how the Spirit gave him visions of where to go and minister. The Holy Spirit continues to do that today for all who hunger after God and who desire to fulfill the vision of Jesus to make disciples of all nations.

Yes, many were healed this year, especially of woundedness in their hearts and souls. Ministry is so difficult and we get deeply hurt and discouraged. God came with His balm of Gilead to heal our broken hearts and to set us free, so the cracks in our souls could be filled with His love. This enables us to hold the living waters of the Spirit and to overflow with these waters to give life to those thirsty for to know God.

On the last day, which is a Sunday service, many came forward for the assurance of their salvation, as the service is open to the public. This is a great gift from God that we can know our sins are forgiven, washed clean by the blood of Jesus, and by faith in Him we can know we have received the free gift of eternal life. The Holy Spirit witnesses to our spirit we are a child of God, with our inheritance in heaven.

It was a reminder so many people live in fear of death and eternity. Jesus gives us His peace that surpasses all understanding. His perfect love takes away our fears, so we know nothing can separate us from the love of God. In Jesus Christ there is perfect peace in His forgiveness and love. That is the gift of life that we leave New Life Center to share with the world the hope that is in Jesus. Pray that we will go and do the work and vision Christ has given us.

We are so thankful that we had a “heaven of a time” at New Life Center. We were refreshed and renewed in the Spirit, healed and empowered to share that experience of heaven with others, and to know we are about our Father’s business to prepare the world for Jesus’ return.

In Christ’s love, Pastor Blake.

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