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Impressed with the People of Zambia

Impressed with the People of Zambia

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

A team from Fort Myers, Florida visited New Life Center in April of 2015. They were able to experience many things, including the Holy Spirit Encounter, a teacher training, laying down tile, painting, working with kids at their sister church, and seeing their sister church’s roof go up. Here are two team member’s brief thoughts on the trip.

by Doretta Bree
While on a mission trip to Zambia, Africa with my church, I had the privilege of staying at the New Life Center in Kitwe. The complex consists of several guest houses, offices, the home of the resident missionaries Delbert & Sandy Groves, dormitories, an enormous multipurpose hall, and a PET shop. Another resident missionary, Emily Padilla shared her spacious dwelling with our team of eight members. The accommodations are very comfortable with every amenity imaginable. I have to give the food and beverage category five stars, not just for the home-cooked meals and delicious desserts but also the restaurants we visited. New Life Center has a wonderful staff. The Zambian people are truly welcoming and gracious. Delbert and Sandy are most generous with their time and efforts in guiding the mission teams and making sure all requests are fulfilled. Having started a sister church in Solwezi, I hope we can come back and do more of the Lord’s work. May God bless them all and keep them safe!

by Brenda Percifield
The worshiping in Zambia is very uplifting and spiritual. I admire the humility of the missionaries as well as the Zambian people. I will miss you all! You have become my family in Christ. God bless you in your continued work and may God continue to prepare your way.

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