New Life Center Zambia - A ministry of the United Methodist Church
Supporting the New Life Center

Support through the United Methodist Advance Special

The New Life Center is also an Advance Special Project of the United Methodist Church.
Supporting the New Life Center ministries in Zambia can be done through your local United Methodist Church, your Conference UMC Treasurer, or the Global Ministries office.

New Life Center #15057A
475 Riverside Drive • New York, NY 10115
Payable: United Methodist Church
For: New Life Zambia #15057A

Important note ... If sending a check clearly indicate the Advance number #15057A.

The Advance - Online GivingSupport through The Advance online by clicking here

Your gifts can also be sent through the Pine Castle United Methodist Church in Orlando, Florida. For over twenty years this church has helped with a system of direct financial support.

Pine Castle United Methodist Church
5024 St. Germain Ave.
Belle Isle, FL 32812-1144
Payable: Pine Castle United Methodist Church
For: NLC Zambia - (Plus ministry of support... PET, Sister church, Education, etc)

Support Directly to the New Life Center Online

Important note ... Please don't send any checks directly to Zambia. Use one of these sources.
Please contact us if you have any questions:

Support through the Shipping Container with Supplies & Wish List PET Zambia BuildingShipping Container

We send to Zambia from the USA a shipping container load of supplies for the PET Zambia Ministry each year. We also send other supplies that are difficult to find and cannot be purchased in Zambia. There is an over-seas shipping depot for these items in Brandon, Florida. If your church, group or organization would like to help us support NLC by sending items and supplies in the container please contact Joe Harless. Joe is the New Life Center Container Support Representative. The is a “WISH LIST” below of items that have been very helpful in the past. There are other unknown needs that come up from time to time that are not listed.

Joe Harless

Please contact Joe Harless if you have any questions.
Cell: 813-546-6601

Container Wish List
  • Pastoral Robes & Choir Robes & Alter / Pulpit Cloths
  • Sound equipment.... Microphones, speakers, amplifiers, mixing boards, key boards, guitars, drums, (even lighting), etc.
  • Books of all kind - (English & French).... Theological, medical, song, teaching, study, reading (fact or fiction), etc. These books are used for the New Life Library and are given to our pastors, churches, and friends.
  • Typewriters, sewing machines, computers, overhead projectors.... Used for reaching and starting small businesses. Any household or business item that can be used to help another person.
  • Tools of all kind (power & manual) (wood working & mechanic).... Saws (hand-power-table), hammers, wrenches, ladders, drills, welding, lath, etc.
  • Pots & pans, dishes, cups, silverware, knives, etc....
  • Good condition used clothing & shoes of all kinds.... All ages, male or female. Suits for our pastors are always nice. Everything must be clean and labeled well if boxed.
  • KITS... Making these kits are wonderful projects for Sunday school classes (young & old) and UMW groups.
    • Sewing Kits - Thread, buttons, zippers, seam rippers, scissors, tape measures, fabric (100% cotton or polyester blend - in 4 yard lengths, if possible).
    • School Kits - Canvas bag, 2 spiral notebooks, 12 pieces of construction paper, 6 pencils, pencil sharpener, (metric) ruler, scissors, 24 count crayons, eraser).
    • Health Kits - Washcloth/small towel, soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, comb/brush, deodorant, Vaseline. Small samples of soap and shampoo work well in these kits.

Thank you for helping!