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Work Teams

A work team coming from outside of Zambia is a wonderful partnership with the needs and ministries in Zambia. Each of the New Life Center ministries have areas that a work team can take partnership. The New Life Center has on-campus guest housing for teams to stay at. We also have transportation available. Every team that has come over the years go back with a real understanding of ministry needs for the church and community.

Interested in coming? Here are some FAQs to consider:

  • What is the cost of a trip? The cost can vary greatly depending on the length of your stay, what time of the year you come, and what things you plan on doing while here. Assuming a 2 week trip that includes a trip to Livingstone to see Victoria Falls, the cost would likely be between $3,000 - $3,500 per person. The largest portion of this cost is the plane ticket.
  • How big of a team can come? We can accommodate for a variety of sizes of teams. However, we have found that teams no larger than 6-10 generally make for a better experience.
  • How long can we come? Due to the high travel cost and long travel time to get to Zambia, two weeks is considered a good minimum length of time to set aside for your trip.
  • Can minors come? If interested in bringing children or teenagers, please let us know and be aware that there will need to be an adult in clear charge of the minor at all times.
  • What can we do while we are there? New Life Center is involved in many ministries. Take some time to check out the various ministries described here on the website. Work teams can be involved in most of these ministries. Let us know what you are interested in and we can discuss the possibilities!
  • What is expected of us while there? We expect our teams to be coming in order to serve out of Christ’s love, and to behave in a Christ-like manner. Our teams show a positive attitude, humility, a teachable spirit, and being flexible. And of course we hope they have a good time in the process!
  • How do we book tickets? We generally ask teams to fly into Ndola and if they are visiting Victoria Falls, then to fly out of Livingstone. You can book the tickets yourself or we can give you information on travel agencies that can help you.

Still interested in coming? Contact Sandy Groves for more information.

Planning a Trip?

Click below for detailed information that you will find helpful in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word.

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Below is a brief testimonial from a church out of Florida that has sent work teams, Aloma UMC:

It truly was amazing what the Aloma team was able to accomplish while here. Nine of them. They built 40 PETs handicap bikes, church pews, hosted two Kids Bible Camps, and ministered in hundreds of ways by just loving and sharing Jesus with others! I’m sure if your church or group wanted to hear more about their time in Zambia they would love to share with you. You can contact Cathy & Rick Hatcher (team leaders) for more information on that. Email:

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